The new American Dream is to get paid while you sleep.

Our Mission

Making it easier to be a self-directed investor

Propelor was created to connect more people with the benefits of good investing by making it easier to be a self-directed investor. We believe that investing is a discipline, just like reading and writing, and that it should be integrated into everyone’s life because of how its principles can improve the way we navigate, benefit from and give back to our world. That’s why we’re making Propelor free for everyone.

We are inspired by our users every day.

Everything we do is about propelling investors, hence our name Propelor. We are focused on facilitating the #InvestorLife through increased #InvestingFitness, by bringing to the world a productivity app that simplifies your self-directed investing. We want more people to feel more empowered with their financial lives.

Our user community

We have a passionate community of investors who use Propelor in their #InvestorLife. We love to hear from them and are constantly motivated by their stories and feedback. No two investors are exactly alike, but what unifies them across the board is their will to take charge and make investment decisions for themselves. Below are their stories about why they invest on their own.

Investing is for every generation

We have users as young as 18 and as old as 89. We asked them why they started investing and here's what they said.

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